Thursday, September 2, 2010

pretzel m&m's

I love the new pretzel m&m's. SO GOOD! Are these new? Either way...I love them.

My hair is still falling out like a mother. I am SO dreading the regrowth process...GAH!

I need my sister to show me how to post pictures and track how many of you are visiting my blog! Help me, sister! =)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

4 months young!

I am always thinking about this blog and what I could put in here but for some reason I just can't do it. Stage fright maybe? But for Megan's sake, I want and need to keep up with this.

Megan will be 4 months old/young this week! I still can't believe it...I feel like I've had her forever! =) And I say that in a good way. I haven't documented any of her milestones so I will list them off here:
1. we have a roller! As of 3.5 months, I believe, she started rolling. I love coming into her room after a nap and to watch her roll around while totally melts my heart.
2. As of this week, she has finally started reaching for things. It's not all the time, but she is definitely doing it consciously.
3. This one is probably my favorite! She started laughing....and it kills me when she does it!! Luckily Leslie was able to get it on video..I can't wait for laughing to become a regular thing! Sadly, she's laughed more with others than with her parents! But I'll take anything.
4. I'm sure there are a million other milestones but I can't think of any now....sad.

There are a million other things I wanted to say but I forgot it all. I do promise to be back soon!