Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"That" mom...

I've become "that" mom.  I NEVER thought I would be a mom that would have so much trouble leaving her kid overnight or even for an evening.  When Megan was first born I could leave her for several hours at a time without thinking twice about it.  But I think the older she's getting and the more time I spend with her I'm having a harder time leaving her.  I left her with my sister all day when she was about 7 months old, but after that she hasn't been with anyone other than Byoung and I alone.  I know I should leave her for her sake and mine but the opportunities to do that just don't come up for us.  Both our parents work full time and our siblings are busy AND megan is not that easy of a baby.  SO we're together pretty much 24/7.

Anywho, Byoung and I are going out of town this weekend for a wedding and I've been getting anxiety over this for the past month or so.  She's going to be at our house with my sister and brother in law who I completely trust, but I keep worrying nonetheless.  Kids are so flexible and I'm sure she'll be fine but I can't help but think of all the little things that we do our way that won't be done.  My worries are ridiculous like, will she be ok if she doesn't get put to bed the exact way that I put her to bed?  Or will she be ok when someone else is changing her diaper?  All my ridiculous worries are ridiculous, I know, but I still can't help but worry.

I'm really going to try and enjoy myself and not worry this weekend....I'll let you know how it goes!  And please wish ME luck and say a quick prayer for all of us!  =)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I don't know when it started but I think I can officially call my daughter a bully.  She loves taking anything from other kids whether it's a toy, pacifier, sippy cup....anything and everything!  I kind of thought it was funny until about a month ago when I finally realized...WHOA, I actually need to discipline and teach her.

When did my baby get to an age where I need to actually teach her stuff!?!  This is crazy to me because 1. She is not a itty bitty baby anymore and 2.  Am I really responsible for raising this baby of mine to be a God fearing, gracious, humble and a good person?!!?  Can somebody inform the time gods that it needs to slow down please.

Anywho, the whole point of this post was to ask all the mom's out there when and how did you do discipline in your home.  Did you start before the age of 1?  And if so, what methods did you use to discipline?


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Paper Mama

I stumbled across this blog and wanted to enter her photo contest this week.  The paper mama is a new blog that I am excited to be following!

But this is the picture came to my mind immediately....I love this little girl so much.

Friday, March 4, 2011


A lot of people have been asking what happened to my dog and so I will try to explain here.  It was an emotional week for me having to give him away, but in the end I do believe it is for the better.

Tyson has always had a bad habit of eating EVERYTHING....napkins, paper, baby wipes, corks and apparently hair pins.  He ended up eating two of Megan's very expensive hair pins and we needed to do surgery on him ASAP while they were still in his stomach and before they moved over to his intestines.  So I took him to the vet to get xrays and as soon as I saw the pins I started crying.  I started crying because I knew we wouldn't be able to do ANOTHER, yes I said another, surgery on him.  The first one cost us about $3,000 and this one would be about the same.  I ended up calling Boston Buddies , an AMAZING organization, that after a few questions and what not said they would take Tyson, give him the surgery, foster him and then eventually adopt him out.

We got to spend one last night with him where he was spoiled with lots of kisses, cuddling and long walks before taking him to the vet the next day.  Byoung worked a half day and then we went together as a family to drop him off.  I think he knew something was up since we had to pack up all his stuff but for the most part he was his normal self.  There were A LOT of tears shed in those couple of days and for a couple of days afterwards, but like I said earlier, I knew he would be in REALLY good hands.

I know a lot of you will read this and think all of this is ridiculous, and that he is just a dog but he was part of my family.  He was our first fur baby and I really loved him and having him be a part of our family.

If you're interested in updates on Tyson and all the other wonderful Bostons that they rescue, then go here.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm still here!

I know it's been a-loong-while since I've posted anything on here and I have no excuse.  We were without tv or internet for about 2 weeks when we moved and then I felt behind in my blogging and so I didn't write and then I felt more behind and didn't want to write anymore.  But now, I have no excuse!

In my last post I had mentioned that we were going to see The Pioneer Woman and how I was hoping that we would be featured on her blog.  Well...guess what?!!?  We were in not one but TWO pictures!!!!  OMG!  They weren't the cutest or the most flattering pictures of Megan but she was on there!  I couldn't believe it!

My next wish in regards to the Pioneer Woman will be that I can win one of her Ranch giveaways.  I would love to take a trip out there, learn to cook and just hang out with Ree on her ranch!  =)

Ok, enough about the Pioneer Woman...I sound a bit stalker-ish, no?

I will leave you with a couple of pictures from my phone of the day:

In the morning after we bought our book and got our wristbands

Waiting in line

She was so nice, gracious and cute!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's possible to lead a cow upstairs but NOT downstairs

Did you know that?  I sure didn't!

In other REALLY, REALLY exciting news The Pioneer Woman will be coming to L.A. on Feb 7th!!!  Is it strange that I have not been THIS excited in a really loooong time?!?  I'm so excited and nervous about meeting her...I really hope I don't get stage fright when I actually meet her!  I'm also secretly (I guess not so secretly) that Megan an make it onto a blog entry of hers!  HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?!?!?!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year!  Ours was pretty low key but really enjoyable nonetheless.  Megan was showered with lots of love and presents for her 1st Christmas and it really made me feel grateful for the family and friends that we have around us.  We are truly blessed in so many ways...

Life  busy?  chaotic?  all of the above.  Megan has become a lot more mobile, keeping us on our toes, but also a lot more fun.  I keep mentioning how I'm loving her at this age right now and people keep telling me it only gets better.  I can't wait~!  In terms of life, the reason it seems busy and chaotic is because we will be moving in about two weeks (EEEK!).  We sold our home and will be renting in Long Beach (Belmont area).  I'm actually pretty excited about being in that area for so many reasons.  First is that we will be walking distance to the beach!  Megan loves being outside (as do I) in the fresh air and what a great reason to be out walking everyday.  We will also be walking distance to 2nd Street with lots of stores, cafes and restaurants!!!  I can't wait to walk to Yogurtland for dessert everyday!  =)  We figured since we will be renting and we only have one kid, what a great reason to live in the beach area before we really have to settle down with a home again.

The one bad thing and it's kind of a major bad thing about living in Belmont is that there is NO Target nearby!!!!  I'm sure it'll make Byoung and his wallet very happy, but it makes this mama pretty sad.

Oh~ also wanted to wish Megan a very Happy 8 months, today!!  I love you SO SO much!!!!