Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"That" mom...

I've become "that" mom.  I NEVER thought I would be a mom that would have so much trouble leaving her kid overnight or even for an evening.  When Megan was first born I could leave her for several hours at a time without thinking twice about it.  But I think the older she's getting and the more time I spend with her I'm having a harder time leaving her.  I left her with my sister all day when she was about 7 months old, but after that she hasn't been with anyone other than Byoung and I alone.  I know I should leave her for her sake and mine but the opportunities to do that just don't come up for us.  Both our parents work full time and our siblings are busy AND megan is not that easy of a baby.  SO we're together pretty much 24/7.

Anywho, Byoung and I are going out of town this weekend for a wedding and I've been getting anxiety over this for the past month or so.  She's going to be at our house with my sister and brother in law who I completely trust, but I keep worrying nonetheless.  Kids are so flexible and I'm sure she'll be fine but I can't help but think of all the little things that we do our way that won't be done.  My worries are ridiculous like, will she be ok if she doesn't get put to bed the exact way that I put her to bed?  Or will she be ok when someone else is changing her diaper?  All my ridiculous worries are ridiculous, I know, but I still can't help but worry.

I'm really going to try and enjoy myself and not worry this weekend....I'll let you know how it goes!  And please wish ME luck and say a quick prayer for all of us!  =)


  1. You'll be fine and while you're away you'll notice that you eat fast for no reason and flip through your phone for pictures but you'll look back and be glad you had alone time with B before more kids come along. BUT, if you want me to check in once in a while let me know b/c I know about your sisters dream about her watching my kids. I wouldn't want that to happen to M. :) (love you Janice but just in case I can say hola!)

  2. I think it's a natural God given instinct to want to be with our babies. They were given to us to protect and nurture and there's nothing wrong with wanting to do that.
    I don't even put Rosie in the nursery at church. There are several reasons for that particular choice but I don't believe in pushing my baby away ... she'll have and want plenty of time away from me when she's a teen. For now she wants mama and that's what she's going to get... and it's made her very confident and strong knowing that I'll be there when ever she wants me.

  3. Sorry. NOT meaning to say that you shouldn't go and have a wonderful weekend with your husband. Just that you shouldn't feel bad about following your instincts. and you should let people telling you that you "should" do something that goes against your heart and instincts.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your husband and some precious alone time.

  4. i hope it goes well. I can sense your anxiety. I'm the same way. enjoy the alone time w/ B! :)