Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I don't know when it started but I think I can officially call my daughter a bully.  She loves taking anything from other kids whether it's a toy, pacifier, sippy cup....anything and everything!  I kind of thought it was funny until about a month ago when I finally realized...WHOA, I actually need to discipline and teach her.

When did my baby get to an age where I need to actually teach her stuff!?!  This is crazy to me because 1. She is not a itty bitty baby anymore and 2.  Am I really responsible for raising this baby of mine to be a God fearing, gracious, humble and a good person?!!?  Can somebody inform the time gods that it needs to slow down please.

Anywho, the whole point of this post was to ask all the mom's out there when and how did you do discipline in your home.  Did you start before the age of 1?  And if so, what methods did you use to discipline?



  1. Feel free to discipline her...however, know that i will work to undo it all!'s so fun being an aunt, spoiling my niece to death. ;)

  2. I was reading in one of my books, "What to Expect...infant" book or one of those... that kids start expanding there boundaries and start learning what is acceptable and what is not around 10 months. So M is prolly learning to spread her wings and get her toes wet.

    B is stubborn too and really starting to test me when it comes to what he wants and what he gets. I've started limiting his greediness already. hahah. Oh the daily adventures.

    For the record, B LOVES M no matter how many toys she takes from him. :P

  3. Have you looked into Dr. Sears? I have his "The Baby Book" and REALLY love it. he gives good advice that I respect as a carring and compassionate parent. I get really leary about all those christiany books that talk about making your child submit and baby wise things. they are very dangerous.