Monday, October 18, 2010

Flying with an infant

I had so many questions before our trip to Cancun about flying with an infant that I decided to finally write a post about it.  There are tons of bloggers who have done the same thing, I will be documenting how our experience was for our baby.

We flew to Cancun with a 2 hour layover both ways.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would gave us a chance to stretch, for Megan to roll around, change her diaper in an open area(the plane changing tables are not the most ideal!), and grab a bite to eat.

My suggestions:

1.  Take a carrier.  We took a Bjorn carrier and loved it.

It was an extra piece of luggage that we had to carry around if we weren't using it but it made going through security so much easier than having to hold her and try to collapse the stroller and car seat.  Another plus was that she loves being in the Bjorn and staring at the world around her!

2.  Take a stroller, wether it's an umbrella stroller, snap and go or whatever floats your boat.  Just know that it can get damaged when you gate check it (they do sell gate check bags but we decided not to invest in one and it turned out fine!).  After a lot of going back and forth between the umbrella stroller and snap and go, I decided to go with the snap and go.  

She is fine in her car seat and can actually sleep in there as opposed to the umbrella stroller AND we had storage space!  I also figured she might need a carseat in Mexico (even though there were times we drove while she was not buckled in!)  

3.  Someone told me to pack a separate little bag of essentials that I could keep handy, as opposed to under the seat, of stuff that I would need i.e. diapers, wipes, bottle, extra paci and toy.  I wish I had listened to her because it was a PAIN trying to grab something everytime I needed it.  

4.  We were able to travel with my in-laws and my mother in law brought a blanket with her.  My first thought was "why in the world does she have a huge blanket with her?" but in the end I was so grateful for that blanket!  You probably don't need as big a blanket as we had any blanket or coat would probably suffice.  For 3 out of our 4 flights we were lucky enough to have a whole row to ourselves, so we would just lay the blanket out and she would just lay there playing with her toys.  I was grateful for that blanket and not having to hold her the whole time like we did for our first flight.

5.  I'm sure most moms already know this but always pack an extra change of clothes.  We had an early morning flight so I just kept Megan in her pj's....during our layover I changed her into something cooler so she wouldn't be burning up when we arrived in Cancun.  I actually had two onesies and some pants for her just in case she spit up or had any other accidents!

6.  Teethers, pacifier and toys.  Our little baby decided to start teething at the beginning of our trip and so these saved her poor little gummies and our ears!  I tried not to take too much but wanted to give her some variety so I brought her Sophie, a teething ring and links (I never understood why people would buy these but Megan LOVES them!)

7.  Forego the cute diaper bag that you had to buy when you were pregnant and take a backpack!  This worked for us since it let us be hands free and had a little more space.

8.  Breastmilk, formula and water.  I took both just in case she wouldn't nurse.  Lucky for us she nursed on every take off and landing!  I gave her some of the breastmilk anyways during one of our layovers.  Fyi, every website and blog I read about flying with a baby recommended having the baby either nurse, take a bottle or pacifier on take off and landing to help equalize their ears.  

9.  Take extra diapers and wipes and change their diaper before each flight and hope they don't poop in the plane like Megan did!  Like I mentioned earlier, the changing tables on the plane are not ideal.  What we did was Byoung went into the bathroom and changed Megan while I stood outside the open door and handed him the diaper and wipes as he needed.  You don't have to do it that way, I'm sure you can change them yourself people do it all the time, but this way worked for us.

10.  Last but not least, don't stress about it!  Babies cry!   

I think that is all!  I hope this post will help some of you as you fly all over the world!  

~Megan was 5 months old~


  1. great post!!
    Also. When baby and I need a break I take her to the bathroom and let her lay on the changing table and kick for a little while. Obviously I don't do it during busy bathroom times but it's a nice little break in the middle of our 14 hour flights.
    Personally I like row 41 on a boeing 777. it's a little wider and close to the back bathrooms and not too noisy.

  2. I don't know how you guys do those 14 hour flights! Big Kudos to the Minnis clan!