Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eating...or not

My husband and I are really good eaters.  Really good.  We hardly ever say no to food, probably eat more than we should and just really enjoy food in general.  So when I started noticing that my daughter didn't eat much and wouldn't eat when I tried to force her, it really killed me.  I never thought I would be one of those parents that would do whatever it took to make sure my kid would be eating enough.  If I happen to put a bottle in her mouth at an angle that is awkward for me and she starts eating, then I stay still.  It's happened on more than one occasion where my husband is holding the baby, I come over and stick the bottle in her mouth and she starts drinking then we both don't move.  It doesn't make sense because both of us do not need to be there but the baby is eating, so we don't move.

So for all you parents out there that have great eaters, be thankful!

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  1. loved this story!

    i hope you keep the blog up. it's fun. :)